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Game sharing community

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Beautiful Vision

In the future, enterprise application is the main battlefield of block chain, and consortium chain/private chain will become the mainstream direction. The application of GEChain will divert from the virtual to the actual, making more game and entertainment use the chain to enhance collaboration efficiency and reduce cost, making it become leisure industry interconnecting ecology chain of value innovation and creation, to create game entertainment shared community of block chain.


The GEChain provides game developers with complete tool of income program, marketing program, payment interface, one button publishing, account number and virtual asset management by virtue of block chain technology and in combination with developed software developer’s kit (SDK), striving to overturn traditional game value chain via block chain, create more open and transparent ecosystem for the industry, and bring superior game and brand new game entertainment experience for players.

Business Goal

The goal of GEChain is to become leader of the market within one year, expecting to reach market share of 20%. If the global scale of game industry is 100 billion USD, the market scale of GEChain for the first year will be as high as 4 billion USD.


To unite with more partners, provide better opportunities and chances for more game entrepreneur teams, establish a complete mobile game ecological chain of “creating IP, business incubation, business investment, and operation and distribution”, and release many popular games

Market Strategy

Early stage user winning strategy – introduce high quality games
Mid-term user winning strategy – introduce a large number of players to share
Later period user winning strategy – play games for earning money

Application of GEChain

Game chips platform

Game distribution platform

IP co create plan

film-game interaction

Nuclear energy coin



Rapid deployment


Rapid deployment

The developers don’t have to grasp block chain technology, and they can have easy access to the GEChain via the API of SDK only with customary development environment.

Login interface


Login interface

To login API via GEChain, realize one-click access to purse login, and save account trouble for developers and players

Stable and reliable


Stable and reliable

The consortium chain of GEChain can avoid occurrence of blocked ethereum, and thus enhance the stability of service

Wallet support


Wallet support

The purse function built in SDK of GEChain enables game players to easily pay via nuclear energy

Cross platform support


Cross platform support

On the basis of Sendon cross-platform SDK, the GEChain SDK also supports multiple platforms. Certainly, as limited by the use rules of some platforms, some functions will be adjusted according to the platform

Share reward mechanism


Share reward mechanism

The reward mechanism is that old players will automatically get payment reward after successfully inviting new players, to excavate the self-transmission capacity of games

The Development Roadmap and Timetable of GEChain

We have been working hard

  • 2016-12

    Officially convened the 1st meeting with block chain experts from USA, HK and mainland China.
  • 2017-1

    Convened the 2nd meeting with block chain experts and game R&D team of the company, to discuss the application landing scheme of block chain technology in game industry.
  • 2017-3

    Started to prepare for globally first game entertainment shared community of block chain technology
  • 2017-4

    Gathered with game and block chain technical experts from USA, HK and mainland Chain to form a team and officially completed establishment, and started to plan GEChain project.
  • 2017-5

    Completed first draft of GEChain white paper.
  • 2017-6

    Finalized GEChain white paper.
  • 2017-7

    Officially released GEChain and started national roadshow.
  • 2017-8

    Applied game entertainment treasure and started game project, and recruited partners.
  • 2017-9

    Host union access to SDK
  • 2017-10

    Inaugural tour in world.
  • 2018-4

    The GEChain combined with Sendon Pictures to enter film and TV industry, to create “film-game interaction”.

    Our Team


    • 陈运逴

      CHEN Yunchuo

      Project Sponsor

      The Holding Board Chairman of KingForce Group (08315.HK), and the Chairman and CEO of Sendon Group, has ever served as senior manager and core founder of 51Job, Xunlei, Focus Media, Bus-Online and other well-known listed companies. Has many years of experience in games operation, ever engaged in many large-scale games products, and has been making research on landing and application of block chain technology in recent two years.

    • David Tang

      David Tang

      Technical Developer

      Early participant of block chain, ever invited by Mastercard to Silicon Valley to engage in development of payment system. Now devoted to the research on application of block chain. As well as Hackathon champion of Mastercard Asia Pacific, and ever represented Asia Pacific to participate in World Hackathon Final.

    • Johnny Au Yeung

      Johnny Au Yeung

      Technical Developer

      The developer of Ethereum, ever engaged in development of railway system of one hundred billion, has mainly been engaged in research on application of Ethereum in recent years, has developed commercial application of many Ethereums, and accepted interview from Taiwan’s largest block chain media Blockcast.

    • 姚钧

      YAO Jun


      Has been engaged in culture advertisement media and future exchange industry for 12 years, started to invest in many kinds of virtual currency from 2013, having earned rich profits. Started to focus on the development and application of block chain from 2015, ever served as consultant of many block chain projects, and has been concentrating on commercial landing and application of block chain projects.

    • 郁伟

      YU Wei

      Marketing Director

      Has been engaged in games development and operation for 12 years. Ever worked in well-known games company of the industry, has ten years of working experience from client game to mobile game, and ever led games operation of many line products of ten million level.


    Our Team

    • 陈运逴




    • David Tang

      David Tang



    • Johnny Au Yeung

      Johnny Au Yeung



    • 姚钧




    • 郁伟




      Consultant Team


      • 冯伟

        FENG Wei

        The General Manager of Sendon Pictures, produced film “Painted Skin 1 and 2” of Ding Long Da started and organized by President of US XingSheng International in Asia and the Vice President of Canadian Eurasia International Film Festival, engaged in investment planning and management of international films Hacksaw Ridge, The Moon & The Sun, Birth of the Dragon, The Sojourner and Adventurer in recent years.

      • 王淳丰

        WANG Chunfeng

        The founder of WuHeTianCheng Capital, the co-founder of Chenxun Media Group, the partner of Yafo Capital, and the partner of HeRui Capital, one of the co-authors of best seller “The Sixth Wealth Wave – Starting Business at Home”, “The Ninth Wealth Wave – Discovering Digital Money”.

      • 郭宏才

        GUO Hongcai

        Celebrity in domain of digital money, the famous angel investor of Bitcoin and Ethereum newly established enterprise, has many years of research and exploration in vitual money and de-block chain industry.

      • 许子敬

        XU Zijing

        The founder of Australia Collinstar Capital, famous investor of block chain industry, nickname Martian Ryan, the sponsor of Bitcoin Development Foundation, member of Asia DACA Block Chain Association, and member of Chinese Bitcoin Roundtable Forum.



        • CHEN Xiaoting

          ShengShi Investment

          The partner of ShengShi Investment (China’s largest mother fund).

        • WILL

          Merrill Lynch

          Chinese American, Master of New York University, and Senior Vice President of Merrill Lynch. The investor of virtual money, and started to invest many kinds of virtual money from 2011, having earned rich profits.

          Cooperative Partner